Pass GED® Academy Testimonials

Many overseas universities accept the GED® for admission purposes and offer highly regarded degree programmes. South African GED® graduates who wish to enrol for degree study do have the option to consider overseas online universities. They also have the option to study for a Higher Certificate in South Africa with their SAQA letter. Each university of course, has the final say and their own criteria for acceptance and we cannot guarantee acceptance at every institute.

Please see  Cambricollege if you wish to do your International GCSE exams.  Please also see where to study further with a GED® in South Africa.

Morgan’s Story

I recently passed my GED with the following marks: Math 95%, Science 91%, Social Studies 87.5% and RLA 94.5%. I don’t think I would have achieved these marks without using your program. I found it very user-friendly. I took the GED Ready Tests and the marks were almost exactly the same as my final GED marks, so I would definitely recommend them to other students.


                        Michelle’s Story!                       

Age has no limits! Thank you to Michelle for her story so far:
I only had a Std 8 school certificate, and never went back to school. It was always my intention to get a good education, but one always put off things, and then at the end f the day they never materialise.
Nobody wants to let you study, not even a Diploma, without a matric certificate, and when I heard about the GED, I thought that this might be exactly what I have been looking for, as I am already 55 years old. Well I am now 55 years old and I only have one more subject to go to get my GED credential.
If all goes well, and I can get accepted to an Institute/ University, and  would like to pursue a degree in Agricultural Science, as I am working in this Industry for the past 18 years.
I hope my marks that I have achieved will allow this.

Simon’s Story!

On a personal note: yesterday my son received his acceptance letter from AFDA Port Elizabeth. He will be studying a BA in Live Performance there next year. He applied with just the GED alone and then he had to complete an online RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) and attend an interview. So we are beyond thrilled! My hope is that more and more institutions will recognise the GED. In my opinion it is a far better assessment tool than the NSC.

Husna’s Story!

Just thought I’d let u guys know that I have been accepted to study a B.Ed. (Bachelor’s degree in Education) with  Two Oceans Graduate Institute in Cape town. I applied with my GED certificates plus my SAQA one .Anyone interested in studying a B.Ed. ( intermediate phase) , check them out!


Teresa D

My daughter studied through Pass GED Academy South Africa and was accepted to study in 2015 both degree and diploma with her GED® and letter of acceptance to a US university: NDip in Somatology at Isa Carstens BA Humanities at both Rhodes and Stellenbosch.

Katia’s story

Just to say that the GED is a brilliant system and I appreciated how well managed & professional it was in every way – and I was extremely pleased with  my exam results!
Thank you for your assistance.


Dr L R Johnson

At first when my son told me about this General Education Diploma (GED) I did not listen let alone believe it. He enrolled and passed all the four subjects. It took him two more years to convince me to pay for his original Diploma copy. With guidance and support from the South Africa centre’s team, the original copy arrived and HESA evaluation processes were done. I still don’t believe that my son now is enrolled in one of the prestigious public university in South Africa after evaluation processes by HESA. For anyone who still doubts the authenticity and credibility of GED in South Africa, I can guarantee that it is ‘legit’, try it and you will never regret.

Charles’s Story

Thanks again for the referral, I just wanted you to know I have been given an unconditional offer to study a BSc in pharmacology at London Met.
Although i’m still waiting on other applications it’s definitely good news, just wanted to thank you for the support you guys have provided over the last few months. Never really thought I would be in such good place 2 years ago.


Ansa Smit

My son was in the ACE system for 7years, we stayed with ACE for one term after we started homeschooling then realized we had a mind blowing amount of other options. He is 14 turning 15 this year, also an entrepreneur. He decided on following the GED® route. He was able to write the GED® at only at age 16 so at the moment we’re “unschooling” and he’s exploring everything that interests him (learning amazing amounts of information in the process) and doing a grade 8 Cambridge maths book that he chose, as well as English writing, crossword puzzles, some science and social studies and lots of reading. The reason why I am telling you the LONG story is because my uninterested, bored an frustrated child suddenly turned into a motivated young man in only a few weeks after we ditched the curriculum. I don’t have to check on him, he sets his own goals (one awesome thing they learned in ACE) and goes after them with without my motivation.

Debbie Lemmer

My daughter wrote her GED® in Dec 2015. We were faced with a lot of criticism and negativity. People told us she would not be able to get into University with this qualification. Earlier this year we enquired at Royal Scottish Conservatoire regarding the GED®. We sent in an audition and she was accepted as piano student. Funding was a problem so we declined. Point is – she was accepted. After this we applied at American uni and they accepted her as well. I took this acceptance letter to Universities SA and we received foreign conditional matric exemption. I sent this to Tukkies and she was accepted there for second choice degree studies. After an audition in music Dept she was offered a place in selection program for B-mus. Lecturers were very impressed with her American Qualification. Admin dept were only concerned about Universities SA exemption certificate. She has now been admitted to three Universities with her GED®. It was a great experience. I also assisted a student with similar process and she was admitted to Wits for B-ed degree. I also heard about a student that was admitted to Tuks Engineering, he also applied with GED®.

Roddy’s Story

Hi Jude! One of our students were accepted & has enrolled at the Pearson Institute to do her 3 year BSc  Bio Medical degree. They welcome GED with SAT’s.

Quintin Jordaan 18 years old from Steenbokpan

I had been Home Schooling since Grade 8 year and followed an exciting program that I really enjoyed. As the years passed and I got closer to finishing school, the goal posts started moving with the SA Education System and it eventually appeared that it would take me two years longer to complete my schooling, than it would have, had I stayed in the Government School System.I would therefore be closer to 20 before finishing school. A friend told us about the PASS GED ACADEMY. Wow, what a blessing! The Academy said I could do the GED® credential in three months. It seemed unbelievable, but we registered. Suddenly school became a fun thing to do! I started early each morning and within a few hours had completed the work load for the day. I would not have been able to do this without Jude and the Pass GED Academy. Within three months I had completed the subject matter and was deemed ready to write the exams. Getting my GED® credential was a memorable occasion for me! One of the best days of my life! From failing Maths in Primary School, I passed Maths quite comfortably and did exceedingly well in Science, Social Studies and English.I am very proud of my achievement! Thank you to Jude and the Pass GED Academy South Africa for all your support. You delivered on your promise that I could do the GED® in three months.The content matter, the tutorials and the instant feedback were MAGIC to say the least!

Elzabe’s Story

In 2015, at the age of 52, I decided to further my studies to become a registered nurse. At that time it was like standing in front of this huge mountain, because although being an enrolled nurse, I have not been working in a hospital for years and I don’t have Matric. I decided to stop walking around the mountain and start climbing it. My search to do my Matric was narrowed by the fact that I was working full time and live in a small town. During my search I stumbled upon GED. At first I was a bit hesitant, but after confirmation was received that the qualification is recognized in South Africa, I decided to enroll. The structure of the programme is so interesting that I would study for hours on end. I qualified in August 2016 and my GED diploma was certified by SAQA. In January 2017 I was employed as a staff nurse in a hospital nearby. My request to further my studies was granted in 2018 and I started my journey as a student in June that same year. Due to lockdown regulations our final exams were postponed and I was only able to write my finals in October 2020. At the age of 57 the world is my oyster! I want to express my gratitude to the Pass GED team in South Africa who helped me every step of the way. You are the best.

Mandy’s Story

We are so proud of our son Jed who passed his GED with wonderful results!
We did the SAQA conversion and he got accepted to FASHION UNIVERSITY ! Thank you for all your help

Dane-19 years old from Hillcrest

I decided to leave school in Grade 10 and study Graphic and Web Design because the home school study centre I was at was closing down. I loved what I was doing computer wise, but felt I also needed a Grade 12 certificate for my CV. I was able to complete all my computer studies and do my GED® exams all at the same time! The Pass GED Academy South Africa made it so easy to pass my exams- I am thrilled to have had quite a few job offers already and am presently able to pick and choose the work I do! Thanks to the Pass GED Academy South Africa, finishing off my high school education with such a well recognised international credential so easily, has been an absolute pleasure!.

Erin Barnard

I really feel like I need to say thank you. I am severely Dyslexic and was absolutely terrified to start yet ANOTHER education system that was only going to make myself feel stupid. I have only just started about 2 weeks ago with the English reading and I find it absolutely amazing! thank you SO much Pass GED Academy South Africa for putting together such an amazing package and I am so looking forward to this year because I feel like I can actually do this!! THANKS AGAIN!!

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