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24th October 2019
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23rd January 2020

Namibia University accepts GEDⓇ Graduate

Namibian University accepts GEDⓇ Graduate
We are excited to let you know that one of the GEDⓇ Namibian Graduates has been accepted to study a Bachelor in Marketing Management at the International University of Management (IUM) in Namibia.
This graduate first submitted his GED Diploma to the NQA for an evaluation. The NQA found his GED to be comparable to a Certificate at NQF Level 4. Thereafter, he applied to IUM for a Bachelor in Marketing Management and a Bachelor in Business Administration. He was accepted for both Degrees.
We are looking forward to hearing more success stories from our Namibian GED Graduates.

A GEDⓇ testing centre has been launched in Windhoek Namibia.
Students can begin studying for their GED and scheduling their test in Namibia now!

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