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20th April 2019
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21st May 2019

Jude Walsh GED® Consultant South Africa

Jude Walsh from Cape Town South Africa is the owner and founder of Pass GED® Academy South Africa. Her story goes back to 2012 when she first came across  Essential Educations GED Academy™ and used it in homeschooling her own children. She was so impressed with the program and the ease with which it taught her children exactly what they needed to pass the GED® exams, that in 2013 she decided to bring the program from the USA into South Africa. Having a background as an entrepreneur and having owned several business before, it was no time at all before Pass GED® Academy became a household name and thousands of students in South Africa began to enroll on the program to prepare for their GED® exams.

The exam centres back in 2013 were limited to two in the entire country and since then there are now a record 42 GED® test centres around South Africa which makes it really easy to enroll for the GED® exams. Jude Walsh was so right in sourcing this amazing program which proved to be such a huge success with students preparing for the GED® tests. As a very astute business woman, she has also developed an incredible support system for her students who enroll on Pass GED® Academy. Her two consultants, Ronli and Amy are highly trained and always available to assist our students on their GED® journey. Jude works hands on and is  available as well for one on one consultations with parents and students.

Support and prompt help are essential to students on the GED® journey, and Pass GED® Academy South Africa are known for their great support and quick responses to their students. Recently Pass GED® Academy were privileged to be appointed as an authorised provider by GED Testing Service USA. This enables them to be regarded as a trusted provider of GED® preparation materials in South Africa. This is the first and only appointment of a GED® provider to date in South Africa. There are many fly by night businesses in South Africa claiming to provide the GED® program, but many disappoint, overcharge or do not deliver.

Enroll now with Pass GED Academy and have peace of mind that you will be looked after by our professional team and that you have the backing of GED Testing Service.  Look out for this emblem when sourcing GED® tuition. Nothing less will do. Stick with the best in the GED® business. Join our GED® family today.

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