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23rd Mar 2019
GED® Test Centres in South Africa
14th Apr 2019

Personalised GED® Zoom Tutors now available

As a result of requests for GED® tutors from students in South Africa who need extra personalised help with certain subjects on  Pass GED® Academy program, we are very excited to be offer virtual extra lessons in bundles of 1-10 lessons depending on the tutor’s requirements.

Catering for any GED® student, regardless of where they are based, the virtual tutoring service is on-demand and delivered by highly experienced GED® tutors through Zoom.

This system can be used to compliment the online Pass GED® Academy used by 1000’s around the world to get their GED® credential. The lessons are optional and only recommended if you are really struggling with a concept or a subject on the program.

Please email us to find a qualified GED online tutor now:


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