How to apply to SAQA with your GED®
27th July 2021
24th September 2021

GED® Maths test

The Mathematical Reasoning Test focuses on four main topics:

  • Basic Math
  • Geometry
  • Basic Algebra
  • Graphs and Functions

When studying for your Mathematical Reasoning Test, you will learn math concepts, measurements, equations, and applying math concepts to solve real-life problems. You are not required to memorize formulas and you will be provided with a formula sheet to use in the exam

In the test, students will NOT be allowed to take their own calculator into the test venue, they will be provided with an on-screen calculator, the Texas Instruments TI-30XS Multiview scientific calculator. We recommend this tutorial to familiarize yourself with the online calculator https://ged.com/practice-test/en/calculator/.

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