GED® Information
Pass GED® South Africa are the original facilitators of this incredible program powered by Essential Education’s GED Academy™ since 2013.
What is the GED® credential? 
The GED is an American school leavers diploma generally accepted in South Africa as a Grade 12 equivalent*.
*”SAQA has evaluated the GED® and found the National Senior Certificate as its closest comparable qualification.”
How many exams are there?
There are just four exams to write at one of our more than 40 testing centres:
Who Qualifies to do their GED?
Anyone who is 16 years or older may apply to study for their GED® You can only write GED® exams at age 17.
Adults may also do their GED® and no prior grades are necessary as long as you have a good grasp of English comprehension and a basic knowledge of Grade 10 Maths.
Pre GED for younger students
If you are not ready for the GED or too young to enroll, please see information and videos on our two pre GED programs on this link
We have options from Grade 4-10 available for students wanting to do the GED later. See My Online School.
What is the GED® Academy?
The GED® Academy is an online program used by millions of Americans to study for their GED® exams. The program is extremely user friendly and all our students love it!
All ages are welcome to enroll.
We have the largest GED® school in South Africa and are the originators of the program in South Africa- Our trained staff are on hand to assist you all the way with dedicated support.
The teaching and learning is based in the USA and local students access it via an Online Platform.
Support and backup is essential so don’t go without it!
If you do not complete the course in a year, you can re enroll for as long as you wish to complete it.
Pass GED Academy are an authorised and trusted providers of the GED® preparation test in South Africa in partnership with ged.com.
All you need is access to a computer and internet. You can access the program from a computer lap top, tablet or phone depending on the browser you choose.
Any gaps in knowledge are filled in with the awesome teaching videos, so a prior knowledge of the subject is not totally necessary to have.  
Free Trial
Take a Free 5 day trial to try out the program.
What does it cost?
Annual Fee– R3300 for a years access to the online teaching program and includes a registration fee and full support. (The year expires one year after payment date and can be renewed.)
Exams- $80 per subject ( 4 exams ) Only pay for exams when you are ready to write.
SAQA– If you wish to evaluate  your GED ® afterwards with SAQA, please see these steps. SAQA evaluates each submission of a foreign qualification on a case by case basis.
( Fees for this are approximately R2020) Please contact us for a breakdown of the SAQA fees.
How do I get my study material and write exams?
The study material is presented by means of fun videos, quizzes, practice tests and lessons. Logon details to the GED ® online system will be emailed to you as soon as you email your
Student Enrollment Form. Our team of tutors are there to support you and help assess your subjects to see if you are ready to book your exam. You can also join the interactive Whatsapp group where student chat and help each other with the GED®. Never feel alone in your GED® journey.
What is the whole GED® process?
1  Fill out the Student Enrollment Form or simply email us name 
of student, email address and proof of payment.
2  Study online until you reach the passing level on the program
3 Book and write exams at a center near you
 Emailed copies will be sent to you a few days after passing your GED which you can use to apply to SAQA with.
How do I Enroll?
Pay a once off cost of R3300 for a year’s access. (pay for exams later) Year expires one year after payment date and can be renewed.)
Enrollment fee includes all your online tuition on the GED® Academy, full support throughout the year and vital post GED® help.
Click on the Enrollment form below to submit your enrollment and proof of payment.
Banking Details
EFT: R3300
Account Name: Essential Skills Online
Check Acc Number 1310046344
Branch Code 198765  ( Somerset West Mall)
(Reference should be name of student)
Terms are available on our Enroll page if you cannot afford to pay in one payment.
Where are the exam centres located?
There are over 40 exam centres situated around the country. We will assist you when it comes time to book exams.
Please check below on how to find a test centre in your area.
Do I need a personal tutor?
Most of our students cope by using the program along with our support and GED whatsapp group, but if a one on one tutor is necessary for certain sections, we outsource to qualified GED Zoom tutors who deliver lessons in bundles as needed. Never feel alone on your GED journey.
How do I qualify to do my GED® exam?
The GED® Testing Service intends to implement a new 17 year old age requirement for testing in South Africa as of 1 April 2019.
If you are younger than the required age you can still enroll with us from age 16, but take a year or even two to write the GED exams at age 17 or older with no pressure.
The flexibility of the GED Program allows all our students to cater for their own needs.
No prior grades are necessary to have completed, however we do feel you need to have a good grasp of English comprehension to cope with the work.
There is no age limit– so adults can do their GED® exams.
A South African ID with signature is essential to write exams. (Passport, drivers or learners with signature may be sufficient) A birth certificate is not enough to write exam.
Foreigners with a valid visa are welcome to enroll but will need a special letter of permission from us before they book the exams.
When are exams:
Exams are hosted all year round and you can enroll at any time of year.
Study for one subject at a time and then write the exam.
The GED ® Academy is very flexible and suits most learners!
How long does the course take?
We have had students complete all their exams in just a few months and others take more than a year. So being self paced, the program is very flexible and can be adapted to suit your needs.
Whatsapp and Facebook Chat groups.
Please feel free to join our Facebook Page and Facebook Chat Group.
Can I use the GED® in South Africa on my CV?
Yes you can as GED® is eligible for SAQA Foreign Qualification evaluation as an NQF level 4. Many of our students use their GED ® credential and  SAQA evaluation for their CVs to get job promotions.
Please note that Essential Skills Online  is not able to guarantee that SAQA will issue a Certificate of Evaluation to every student. SAQA reviews each application on an individual basis and it is at their discretion. This process is correct at time of publishing (15 July 2021).
Can I go to College or University with a GED®?
Yes you can apply to study further at local colleges, tecnikons, local universities or study internationally with your GED. See link below to see where other students have recently been accepted with their GED. Studying further after GED link.
There are three ways to use your GED to study further:
Many overseas universities accept the GED® for admission purposes and offer highly regarded degree programs. South African GED® graduates who wish to enroll for degree study have the option to consider overseas universities.  You can also use your GED to get a job overseas as it is internationally recognised.

Higher Certificate:
Apply with your GED to SAQA for a certificate of valuation as a NQL4 in South Africa. This is useful for job applications or applying at a local tech or college.
Apply to do a Higher Certificate ( NQL5) * Only a SAQA certificate will be necessary for this) A Higher certificate may then qualify you for a complete exemption at USAf which may enable you to apply for degree studies provided you meet the entrance requirements of the faculty or university offering the degree (https://mb.usaf.ac.za/paragraph-17/)
( for more info on Higher Certificate option please email us)
Some students have been advised to do their NBTs first, and with their GED and NBTs have been able to apply straight away for a degree. Some universities will accept GED and NBTs and other universities will not consider a GED and NBTs for a degree, so please approach each university for their requirements first. Boston City Campus is now accepting students for degree studies dependent on your final GED score.
Mature Age:
If you are 23 years of age or older you can automatically apply for a conditional exemption with your GED to USAf or the university directly. This is dependent on the subjects you need for the degree you are applying for. See link below:
We have had thousands of students complete their GED® with Pass GED Academy. Many have gone onto study further both overseas or colleges locally. Please contact us for a list of testimonials.
Look forward to having you enroll on our academy!
Please send us any further queries and we will be happy to assist.
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