24th September 2021
Netcare accepting GED® graduates
17th October 2021

Boston accepting GED® graduates for degree studies.

Boston City Campus & Business College has just announced that they are accepting GED® graduates to study for a degree depending on their final GED® scores. They have confirmed that a GED® graduate can also apply to study a Higher Certificate or Diploma in one of their many specialisations as well, and that they do NOT require a letter of evaluation from SAQA anymore. This is great news for our GED® students!

To meet the Degree admission criteria, GED applicants will need to achieve a score of 155 or more in their RLA test and a combined score of 625+for all four assessments. This excludes the Bachelor’s in Accounting.
Boston City Campus is committed to helping GED students furthering their studies and will therefore help GED students with their USAf exemption applications should they meet the Degree admission score requirements.
Please do not apply directly to USAf yourself, you must apply to USAf through Boston City Campus.
Any student who does not achieve the required Degree admission scores, can register for a Higher Certificate at Boston City Campus, and then apply for a Degree program. To meet the Higher Certificate admission criteria, a student must achieve their GED Diploma.
Should a student complete a Higher Certificate at Boston City Campus and then progress onto a Degree program, up to 50% of your credits can potentially be transferred to your Degree.
Boston City Campus does not require GED students to apply to SAQA for a Certificate of Evaluation for admission into a Higher Certificate, as they recognise the GED and understand its equivalency.
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