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30th October 2020
Pre GED Tabe New Launch
20th December 2020

SAQA goes digital with GED® certificate

SAQA will be issuing a digital Certificate of Evaluation along with the paper-based Certificate to learners who’ve had their foreign qualifications evaluated as part of a one-year pilot project.

This is for three reasons:

• To help learners by reducing the time in getting the outcome of the evaluation

• To make it easier and quicker for learners to apply for further study, visas and employment

• To reduce fraud

Holders of valid foreign qualifications will be issued with digital seals and hyperlinked digital Certificates confirming the information on their paper-based certificates. SAQA is launching this one year pilot project with PrivySeal, a company that provides a secure system to issue verified digital seals and certificates.

To Enroll with Pass GED Academy click here.

To evaluate your GED with SAQA see the steps below:

How to apply to SAQA

To see where you can study with your GED® and a SAQA certificate please contact info@passged.co.za


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