What is a GED® in South Africa?

If you are looking to do your GED® in South Africa you have come to the correct website. The GED® is the American alternative to the A-level test, HSC, New Zealand’s NCEA, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and other higher secondary credentials. 97% of all colleges and universities in the U.S. as well as many in other countries accept GED® graduates. Thousands of institutions around the world accept the GED®.

Many students in South Africa have failed Matric or are homeschooled and need to complete their Grade 12. If you need a high school diploma to qualify for a certain job or need to study further in South Africa, the GED® is a great alternative.

Who Qualifies to do their GED? Watch this video

The teaching and learning is based in the USA and GED® students in South Africa access it via our online platform. Pass GED Academy are authorised and trusted providers of the GED® preparation test in South Africa in partnership with GED Testing Service,  and have been helping thousands of students prepare to pass their GED® exams since 2013.

Get your GED® a Grade 12 equivalent* in South Africa now!

To enroll for a full year on the program costs you R3300, and exams are $80 per subject (includes our full support package.)

Full information on the GED® credential.




Pass GED® South Africa are the original facilitators of this incredible program which is well known and used by thousands of home schoolers and students in preparation for their GED® exams in South Africa. Free information on Pass GED Academy.

A personalised GED® learning plan is created for you based on an initial Practise test to see where you are at in each subject. The learning plan produces specific lessons just for you, and will strengthen areas you need help with in order to pass the GED® exam. Quizzes, teaching lessons, videos and even your own GED® private tutor are all provided online. The program will tell you if you are ready to write the GED® exam.

No books are necessary! No matter how long it has been since you were in school, the online preparation for the GED® tests provided by the program makes learning fast and simple. No need to stop your current job- this course is easily done in your own free time and from anywhere in South Africa or the world. Exams are written at one of over 42 official GED® centres around South Africa and many more in neighbouring countries.

You will love the user friendly GED® program with fun videos and an easy manner of teaching.

Do I need a personal tutor?
Most of our students cope by using the program along with our support and GED whatsapp group, but if a one on one tutor is necessary for certain sections, we outsource to qualified GED Zoom tutors who deliver lessons in bundles as needed. Never feel alone on your GED journey.

Sign up for tuition with  Pass GED® Academy South Africa.

Our team of GED® consultants based in South Africa, are well known for their great support and service for students on this incredible GED® program.

Fill out the Student Enrollment Form and we will get you started asp. ( See Enroll page for details of what is included in the enrollment package)

The cost is an annual fee of R3 300 (no registration fee) which gives you a year’s access to Essential Education’s GED Academy™ plus invaluable support. If you need more time to study you can enroll again on the program and all your old work will be saved. The year is counted from the date you pay and not from January- so you can enroll anytime of year.

It is mandatory to take a GED Ready test before booking your exam.


(Terms over 12 months now available via Mobicred)

The GED® test is made up of four exams :

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* Price

The GED® Testing Service offers a Grade 12 high school equivalency test. Anyone offering an online GED® test is fraudulant. You can only prepare for your GED® test online, but you have to write the exams at an official GED test centre. You cannot write GED® exams online or at home.

The official GED® Testing Centres are available around the country in over 42 centres and in over 3000 locations worldwide.

The exams cost $80 each and the minimum age in order to write the exam is 17 years. You can enroll at any date and the exams are available all year round.

Once you have studied with Essential Education’s GED Academy™ and our tutors have confirmed you are ready to write exams, you can go ahead and book your exam. Pass GED® Academy South Africa will guide you through the booking of exams process and how to obtain your original GED® credential. Exams are offered at Boston Colleges around the country but you will book the exam via ged.com. We also suggest you do your GED Ready™ test after completing the program to make sure you ace your GED® Exam.

List of GED Test locations in South Africa

Cape Town
Durban City
East London
Johannesburg City
Maponya Mall/ Soweto
Orange Grove
Port Elizabeth
Port Shepstone
Pretoria Arcadia
Pretoria North
Richards Bay
Somerset West

Is the GED® recognised in South Africa

* The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) evaluates each submission of a foreign qualification on a case by case basis. The GED® is eligible for evaluation as a South African National Senior Certificate or NQF L4

Please note that Essential Skills Online is not able to guarantee that SAQA will issue a Certificate of Evaluation to every student. SAQA reviews each application on an individual basis and it is at their discretion. This process is correct at time of publishing (15 July 2021).

The GED® exam is internationally recognised as a high school leavers equivalent or Grade 12 equivalent! in South Africa. This allows students to study at tech or college and in some cases a degree. This is good news for students who failed Matric, homeschoolers or those that did not complete high school. It allows them to get a better job in South Africa or study further locally or internationally! We provide free support to our students on all their options available after getting their GED®


What Programs do you offer for Pre GED Prep?

  • Pass GED Academy  is very excited to be partnered with a well known American video based online high school program for Grades 4-10. My Online School will give students an excellent and well rounded education before finishing off with a GED from age 17.
    Ideal for younger students working towards their GED Diploma

    Priced at R4500 per year. Enrollments accepted all year round. Enroll on My Online School

  • Pre GED Tabe is a very basic pre GED course with only two subjects ( Maths and English). It is aimed at students over 16 years of age who do not yet have a Grade 10, and who need to brush up on ground level work. Priced at R3100 per year. Enroll on Pre GED Tabe.

Can I study further with a GED® ?

Many GED® graduates have been accepted for further studies and are studying both in South Africa or abroad.

Here is a list of some institutions that have recently accepted our GED students in South Africa. Please contact us for a list of success stories from our past students.

It would be necessary to get your SAQA letter first to apply at tech or college in South Africa.

The cost of getting your SAQA letter is a total of R2020 which includes an application fee of R320 and the fee of applying which is R1700. No other costs are necessary. See this link to apply to SAQA

See the ways you can study further with a GED®.

International Study:

97% of US universities accept GED® graduates as well as other institutions around the world. Many of the universities will accept online students as well.

Higher Certificate:

A Higher Certificate may also open the door to degree studies at university in South Africa. Enroll in a Higher Certificate ( NQL5) at a college or university after GED® After completing a Higher Certificate, a student can then apply for an undergraduate Degree. ( contact us for options on where to do a Higher Certificate). Once a student has completed the GED® and the Higher Certificate and meets the requirements as per the link below, he/she may apply to USAf for consideration for a complete exemption to do a degree. https://mb.usaf.ac.za/paragraph-17/

A SAQA letter is essential to get in order to apply for a Higher Certificate.

Boston is accepting GED® graduates for degree studies depending on GED results.

Each university has the final say and their own criteria for acceptance and we cannot guarantee acceptance at every institute.

Mature Age

If a student is over the age of 23 they may also apply for a conditional exemption from USAf based on mature age- See this link: https://mb.usaf.ac.za/faqs/

International GCSE Option

If none of the above methods will allow you to study for the degree you wish to do or the university of your choice, please go to Cambricollege or contact us about doing your IGCSE exams and AS levels.

Our award winning program on Cambricollege will fully prepare you for your International GCSE exams. We highly recommend this route if you wish to attend university in South Africa, as it offers a large variety of subjects required by different faculties and degrees. Cambricollege is R6300 per year and includes access to 30 subjects.


FAQ about the GED® in South Africa

The GED® testing programme serves the equivalent purpose of a secondary school leaving certificate. It has been in existence since 1942.

The term “GED” is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education (“ACE”), which is part owner of the GED Testing Service, who administers the GED® testing programme globally. Originally, the initials “GED®” stood for “General Educational Development,” and the term shows that the GED® test measures the lasting outcomes from a secondary school programme of study.

A GED® test credential shows that the recipient has the same general level of academic achievement as a typical high school graduate.

SAQA evaluates the GED® as an NQL4 and this is useful for getting a job or studying further locally. Our GED® graduates have gone on to study further both overseas and in South Africa.

Please note that Essential Skills Online is not able to guarantee that SAQA will issue a Certificate of Evaluation to every student. SAQA reviews each application on an individual basis and it is at their discretion. This process is correct at time of publishing (15 July 2021).

The GED® diploma is recognised as a Grade 12 equivalent in South Africa and can be used to study both at college or university and can be used to get job promotion.

The test is completed on a computer and cost $80 each. There are 4 exams to complete in order to get a GED diploma.

The test is aligned with today’s high school standards. The difficulty level needed to pass the GED® test is the same difficulty level as needed to pass high school today.

The 2014 GED® test is scored by computer. The passing standard on each content area has been set at a score of 145 on a scale of 100 to 200 scaled score points for each of the four content areas.

Scores will be returned from the test within 24 hours of completion of each subject.

No prior grades are necessary to qualify to write the GED® test. A good knowledge of English comprehension is highly recommended and basic Maths skills. The gaps will be filled in by the program and you can take as long as you like to write the GED® exams one by one as you are ready.

  1. Enrol on the Pass GED study programme so that you can study online.
  2. Study for one subject at a time and do the quizzes and practise tests until the program says you are ready.
  3. Take a GED Ready test to see if you will pass the exam.
  4. Write the official GED exam at a test centre near you.

See the steps on how to book a GED exam


Log onto ged.com and create a brand new account filling out your profile as an international student.

Choose which test subjects you are taking.

Select a day and time at one of the official GED® test centres.

Pay for the test using your credit or debit card.

The cost to enroll is R3100 for a full year on the GED Academy. This includes our Full Support Package – See full details here.

You can pay off the Enrollment fee over 12 months if you use Mobicred as a payment method- See information on Mobicred.


To graduate test-takers must earn a minimum score of 145 on each test subject to pass and earn the high school equivalency credential. In the event a candidate fails, they may retake the exam two additional times at any time. Should they fail a third time, they would have to wait 60 days before the next attempt. There is no minimum grade criterion to qualify for such a rewrite opportunity but it will attract a test fee.

The GED® Testing Service has implemented a  new 17 year old age requirement for testing in South Africa as of 1 April 2019.

Students too young for their GED can study with us from Grade 6-10 on our sister school My Online School. Cost is R4500 per year. Ideal for a Pre Ged Program.

Students wanting to do university later can join up with Cambricollege to do their IGCSE exams.

The GED Testing Service permits you to test the same subject two additional times without a wait, and then requires a 60-day wait period between additional attempts. There is no minimum grade criterion to qualify for such a rewrite opportunity but it will attract a test fee. The GED® test score report will provide you with detailed feedback to address the skills you need to work on.

On successful completion of all tests you will be issued an electronic version of your GED® High School Equivalency Credential issued by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education in Washington, DC. You can also order a hard copy of the GED diploma or transcript with Fedex after completing your GED diploma.

The new test forms do not specify numbers of test questions—they are based on raw score points, since all items are no longer worth just one point each. The final raw score point totals are as follows:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts – 65 raw score points
  • Mathematical Reasoning – 49 raw score points
  • Science – 40 raw score points
  • Social Studies – 30 raw score points

Remember that scores from the 2014 GED® test are transformed to a common scaled score metric, to make the scores easier to use and interpret across the content areas.

If there is a power outage during your test, the testing centre will log a case with Pearson VUE. Once they have reviewed your case they will email you their decision. Should a resit be approved, you will need to contact Pearson VUE directly to rebook your test. To rebook you will need to call 0800 995 044. The testing centre is not able to rebook test dates on your behalf.

 Candidates are required to provide one valid form of identification (“ID”). The ID must be government issued and non-expired. It must also include the Candidate’s name, date of birth, signature, and photograph.

We are delighted to confirm that the majority of foreign nationals should now be allowed to write GED® tests at Boston VUE Testing centers in South Africa.
PLEASE NOTE: Foreign nationals cannot simply book, arrive and expect to be allowed to write their exam. A letter of permission needs to be obtained before writing the exam.
Please allow at least 5 working days for the application to be reviewed. 


Social Studies



All these subjects are extensively covered on the Pass GED® Academy and you will be fully prepared to write the exams after passing the online program.

There are many options to study further in South Africa.

Below is a short list of a few institutions that have recently accepted a GED and SAQA letter.

Please see this link: 

Please see where to buy a GED Ready Test in preparation for the GED Exam.

Please see how to redeem your GED Ready Test Voucher.

I really feel like I need to say thank you. I am severely Dyslexic and was absolutely terrified to start yet ANOTHER education system that was only going to make myself feel stupid. I have only just started about 2 weeks ago with the English reading and I find it absolutely amazing! thank you SO much Pass GED Academy South Africa for putting together such an amazing package and I am so looking forward to this year because I feel like I can actually do this!! THANKS AGAIN!!

Erin Barnard

In 2015, at the age of 52, I decided to further my studies to become a registered nurse. I stumbled upon GED. At first I was a bit hesitant, but after confirmation was received that the qualification is recognized in South Africa, I decided to enroll.  I qualified in August 2016 and my GED diploma was certified by SAQA. In January 2017 I was employed as a staff nurse in a hospital nearby. My request to further my studies was granted in 2018 and I started my journey as a student in June that same year. At the age of 57 the world is my oyster! I want to express my gratitude to the Pass GED team in South Africa who helped me every step of the way. You are the best.


I have finally completed my Ged. Thank you for helping me out and I’m grateful for the whole team at Pass GED who helped me out.

I am a 2nd year student at Regent Business School and I finally have my Grade 12 equivalent.


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