What is a GED® in South Africa?

If you are looking to do your GED® in South Africa you have come to the correct website. The GED® is the American alternative to the A-level test, HSC, New Zealand’s NCEA, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and other higher secondary credentials. 97% of all colleges and universities in the U.S. as well as many in other countries accept GED® graduates. Thousands of institutions around the world accept the GED®.

Many students in South Africa have failed Matric or are homeschooled and need to complete their Grade 12. If you need a high school diploma to qualify for a certain job or need to study further in South Africa, the GED® is a great alternative.

If you are too young for GED® (aged 13-15) and wish to study online before doing your GED® , or if you wish to do an International GCSE, then we suggest you visit our sister site Cambricollege.

Pass GED Academy are authorised and trusted providers of the GED® preparation test in South Africa in partnership with GED Testing Service. (Letter of authorisation available on request.)

The teaching and learning is based in the USA and GED® students in South Africa access it via our online platform. Pass GED Academy™ have been helping thousands of students prepare to pass their GED® exams since 2013.

Get your GED® a Grade 12 equivalent* in South Africa now!

To enroll for a full year on the program costs you R2800, and exams are $75 per subject ( includes full support.)

Full information and Pricing: info@passged.co.za

Pass GED® South Africa are the original facilitators of this incredible program which is well known and used by thousands of home schoolers and students in preparation for their GED® exams in South Africa.

A personalised GED® learning plan is created for you based on an initial Practise test to see where you are at in each subject. The learning plan produces specific lessons just for you, and will strengthen areas you need help with in order to pass the GED® exam. Quizzes, teaching lessons, videos and even your own GED® private tutor are all provided online. The program will tell you if you are ready to write the GED® exam.

No books are necessary! No matter how long it has been since you were in school, the online preparation for the GED® tests provided by the program makes learning fast and simple. No need to stop your current job- this course is easily done in your own free time and from anywhere in South Africa or the world. Exams are written at one of over 42 official GED® centres around South Africa and many more in neighbouring countries.

You will love the user friendly GED® program with fun videos and an easy manner of teaching.

Sign up for tuition with  Pass GED® Academy South Africa.

Jude Walsh and her team of GED® consultants based in South Africa, are well known for their awesome support and service of students on this incredible GED® program.

Fill out the Student Enrollment Form and we will get you started asp. ( See Enroll page for details of what is included in the enrollment package)

The cost is an annual fee of R2 800 (price includes VAT and support) which gives you a year’s access to Essential Education’s GED Academy™ plus invaluable support. If you need more time to study you can enroll again on the program and all your old work will be saved. The year is counted from the date you pay and not from January- so you can enroll anytime of year.

(Terms over 12 months now available via Mobicred)

The GED® test is made up of four exams :

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* Price

The GED® Testing Service offers a Grade 12 high school equivalency test. Anyone offering an online GED® test is fraudulant. You can only prepare for your GED® test online, but you have to write the exams at an official GED test centre. You cannot write GED® exams online or at home.

The official GED® Testing Centres are available around the country in over 42 centres and in over 3000 locations worldwide.

The exams cost $75 each and the minimum age in order to write the exam is 17 years. You can enroll at any date and the exams are available all year round.

Once you have studied with Essential Education’s GED Academy™ and our tutors have confirmed you are ready to write exams, you can go ahead and book your exam. Pass GED® Academy South Africa will guide you through the booking of exams process and how to obtain your original GED® credential. Exams are offered at Boston Colleges around the country but you will book the exam via ged.com. We also suggest you do your GED Ready™ test after completing the program to make sure you ace your GED® Exam.

List of GED Test locations in South Africa

Cape Town
Durban City
East London
Johannesburg City
Maponya Mall/ Soweto
Orange Grove
Port Elizabeth
Port Shepstone
Pretoria Arcadia
Pretoria North
Richards Bay
Somerset West

Is the GED® recognised in South Africa

* The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) evaluates each submission of a foreign qualification on a case by case basis. The GED® is eligible for evaluation as a South African National Senior Certificate or NQF L4.

The GED® exam is internationally recognised as a high school leavers equivalent or Grade 12 equivalent! in South Africa. This is good news for students who failed Matric, homeschoolers or those that did not complete high school. It allows them to get a better job in South Africa or study further locally or internationally! We provide free support to our students on all their options available after getting their GED®


Can I study further with a GED® ?

Many GED® graduates have been accepted for further studies and are studying both in South Africa or abroad.

Here is a list of some institutions that have recently accepted our GED students in South Africa. Please contact us for a list of success stories from our past students.

See the four ways you can study further with a GED®.

International Study:

97% of US universities accept GED® graduates as well as other institutions around the world. Many of the universities will accept online students as well.

SATs or NBTs and GED:

Some students have been advised to do their SATs or NBTs first, and with their GED and SATs or NBTs have been able to apply straight away for a degree. Some universities will accept GED and SATs or NBTs and other universities will not consider a GED and SATs or NBTs for a degree, so please approach each university for their requirements first. A letter from USAf will need to be obtained for degree studies. USAf may prefer NBTs to SATs but you will have to contact them for their latest requirements.

Higher Certificate:

A Higher Certificate may also open the door to degree studies at university in South Africa. Enroll in a Higher Certificate ( NQL5) at a college or university after GED® After completing a Higher Certificate, a student can then apply for an undergraduate Degree. ( contact us for options on where to do a Higher Certificate). Once a student has completed the GED® and the Higher Certificate and meets the requirements as per the link below, he/she may apply to USAf for consideration for a complete exemption to do a degree. https://mb.usaf.ac.za/paragraph-17/

Each university has the final say and their own criteria for acceptance and we cannot guarantee acceptance at every institute.

Mature Age

If a student is over the age of 23 they may also apply for a conditional exemption from USAf based on mature age- See this link: https://mb.usaf.ac.za/faqs/

Alternative Option

If none of the above methods will allow you to study for the degree you wish to do or the university of your choice, please go to Cambricollege or contact us about doing your IGCSE exams and AS levels.

I really feel like I need to say thank you. I am severely Dyslexic and was absolutely terrified to start yet ANOTHER education system that was only going to make myself feel stupid. I have only just started about 2 weeks ago with the English reading and I find it absolutely amazing! thank you SO much Pass GED Academy South Africa for putting together such an amazing package and I am so looking forward to this year because I feel like I can actually do this!! THANKS AGAIN!!

Erin Barnard

My daughter studied through Pass GED Academy South Africa and was accepted to study in 2015 both degree and diploma with her GED® and letter of acceptance to a US university: NDip in Somatology at Isa Carstens BA Humanities at both Rhodes and Stellenbosch.

Teresa D

My son studies fulltime at CTU college. No problems after Universities SA issued his GED® foreign conditional exemption certificate.

Joan Badenhorst

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