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What does GED ® stand for?

The term "GED" is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education (ACE). The initials "GED" stand for "General Educational Development" and the GED® test measures a learner's skills in a variety of important subjects and shows that the recipient has the same general level of academic achievement as a typical high school graduate.
The GED® exam is internationally accepted as a high school leaver's diploma! This is good news for many who did not get their Matric and allows them to seek employment or education both locally AND internationally!
The GED® path is ideal for Home Schoolers, as you study online from home and achieve a certified diploma that can get you where you want to be FAST!

Can I get into a SA College or University with a GED?

Yes- most technikons, colleges in South Africa recognise and accept the GED® credential alone as a foreign Matric. In general to be accepted by UNISA or university in South Africa you will need to do SAT and GED or just a GED accompanied by a letter of admission from an accredited US university- You will need to check with the faculty of your choice as there may be other subjects required for entrance to a specific course. In South Africa the GED is recognized by HESA. (Higher Education South Africa) and SAQA as a foreign matric equivalent. We suggest you read the HESA page for clarification and check with the college or university of your choice first before deciding.
For instructions on how to convert your GED® into a South African Matric certificate with HESA and a list of universities that are favourable towards accepting candidates that have a GED® plus SAT see this link. To convert your GED to a Matric using SAQA please go to SAQA

How to Get Your GED?

Sign up for tuition with the GED Academy™. The cost is a once off payment of R2000 which gives you a year's access to the GED Academy™. Log on details to the South African Portal of the GED Academy™. will be emailed to you.

The GED® exam is made up of five tests - Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts Writing, and Language Arts Reading. The GED® tests take seven or more hours to complete altogether. The official GED® Testing Centres are available around the country. The exams cost $50 each and are hosted via Pearson Vue. The minimum age in order to write the exam is 16 years. Exams are mostly multiple choice and are hosted all year around- You can register at any date and the exams are available all year round. You can write one exam at a time or altogether. What could be easier or more convenient?

Book exams at a Pearson Vue testing centre near you once you have studied with the GED Academy™ and we have confirmed you are ready to write! Identify yourself with either a passport (signed) or Drivers License or a signed bank card along with your SA ID. ( SA ID is accepted at exam centre provided you supply another form of ID with a signature such as a valid signed ATM card )
Pass each subject and receive your GED Diploma!
Only the USA is writing the 2014 version and all international students are writing the 2002 exam until further notice. Diplomas are obtained via post or electronically via

What is the GED Academy?

The GED Academy™ is a new kind of school, a GED® online school where everything is possible. To make it easy to pass your GED® exams, we put everything you need online: GED® practice tests, teaching lessons, books and even your own private tutor. No books are necessary! No matter how long it has been since you were in school, the GED Academy™ online GED® programs make learning fast and simple. No need to stop your current job- this course is easily done after hours or on the weekends! Get your GED® in a matter of weeks! We are so happy to have recently introduced the South African GED Academy. to our country and the amount of students graduating and with flying colours every week is phenomenal!
See if you don' t just love the fun videos and easy manner of teaching. Sign up now for a Free Trial or Enroll now!

What Do You Get?

Lessons, teaching videos, exercises, tests and simulated GED® Exams in all 5 subjects:
English Reading, Writing, Science, Social Science and Maths.
Your personal tutor will recommend lessons to you based on the results of your initial review test.
All you need to do is follow his recommendations until he says you are prepped and ready for the GED® Exam! No need for books and no swatting required. Everything you need to pass the GED exam is all online.
Nothing could be easier or more user friendly!

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