What does GED stand for?

The term “GED” is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education (“ACE”). The initials “GED” stand for “general educational development” and the GED test measures a learner’s skills in a variety of important subjects. The GED test shows that the recipient has the same general level of academic achievement as a typical high school graduate.
This is good news for many who did not get their Matric and allows them to seek employment or education both locally AND internationally!
The GED exam is made up of five tests in Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts Writing, and Language Arts Reading. The GED tests take seven or more hours to complete altogether. The GED tests are administered many times a year. The official GED Testing Centres are available in Sandton City Johannesburg and Cape Town. The cost of each exam is $50 per subject. The GED exam is accepted as an equivalent to a high school diploma by 98% of colleges and universities in the US and 95% of US employers because they recognize the GED test as a rigorous examination equal to or exceeding high school proficiency.

Can I Use GED to get into SA College?

Nearly all colleges and universities in the U.S. accept the GED diploma as a high school equivalency credential. A GED certificate is accepted at many tertiary institutions around the world. In South Africa it is recognized by HESA (Higher Education South Africa) as a foreign matric equivalent and a matric certificate with conditional exemption will be issued. The condition is that the student must pass his/her first year at university. In South Africa for acceptance at university the GED is required in combination with either, a letter of acceptance to an accredited American university (we supply more info) or a score of 1600 on the SAT test , with a sub-minimum of 550 for Critical Reading and 500 for Mathematics and 500 for the Writing section. ( more info on this available. ) We suggest you read this page for clarification and check with the college or university of your choice first before deciding. http://he-enrol.ac.za/qualificationbycountry/united-states-america Most colleges will accept the GED as an alternative to a local matric in order to do courses, but once again we suggest you check with each institution before deciding.

What is the GED Academy?

The GED Academy is a new kind of school, a GED online school where everything is possible. To make it easy to pass your GED exams, we put everything you need online: GED practice tests, teaching lessons, books and even your own private tutor. No matter how long it has been since you were in school, the GED Academy online GED programs make learning fast and simple. No need to stop your current job- this course is easily done after hours or on the weekends! Get your GED in a matter of weeks! See if you don’t just love the fun videos and easy manner of teaching.